Whilst scrolling through William Gibson’s Twitter feed I came across a screenshot that he retweeted which is of someone Google-ing how they could raise demons on a budget. Whilst bizarre, I thought it might be an interesting topic to explore.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 9.24.58 pm

After quite a lot of thought and a few failed ideas tea reading became the basis for my piece. Initially, the story in this video was going to be told through the tealeaves themselves, but upon starting, the realisation that tea isn’t the most malleable of things became obvious. This led to the story being about what the tealeaves could form and represent. After quite a lot of research into what each symbol means the idea was set, with a short story to go along with it. Through stop-frame animation the audience can be transported into the evolution of the art of divination.

The emotions of the protagonist are shown through the photos, but are solidified by the sounds. I wanted to choose a few simple sounds that would enunciate the feelings and tension whilst a few ambient sounds would give it an eerie feeling. The editing is quite simple, due to stop-frame nature of the video. However, the important frames and significant actions are slowed down and made known to the viewer. The combination of these elements explores an insight into the uncertainty of tea reading.

Blank Space

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“Blank Space”

Photography is a beautiful technological advance that has enabled the world to capture moments in time. This would suggest that whatever was taken has a great meaning to the photographer. So then, what is really held in a photograph? A memory? An idea? Emotions; good or bad? It is a response that every individual interprets differently. Therefore, how are we supposed to react when that basic idea is stripped? What do we do when the subject is gone? Why is it gone? For me, the unknown is a very intimidating idea and it leaves me feeling unsettled. I have tried to convey this unnerving unknown in my photographs and I hope to evoke this feeling in my audience. In leaving a blank space in each shot, your question is never answered. The uncanny arouses insecurities and more questions than answers; this is an aspect that I hope is shown through my piece. Could you really imagine a life denied of solutions?

City Siege

Sound is everywhere.  No matter where one lives, works or travels, sound is an intrinsic part of life.  It can evoke emotion, stimulate or be an offence.  A change in soundscape can have a forceful influence, which can create a sense of peace or the rhythm of chaos.  My aim with this piece was to juxtapose coastal and city sounds to highlight how truly different their environments can be.  Experiencing the transition from peaceful to harsh sounds brought home to me an understanding and appreciation of sounds and their impact.  City living now claims authority over my environment.  I hope my audience will come to recognize a certain struggle while listening to this piece and perhaps acknowledge how sounds can affect daily life.